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At Tuff Skin, we specialize in Custom Urethane Applications. We’ve been spraying truck beds (and other things) in Southern California since 2003. We stand behind our product and our customer service, offering a lifetime warranty on all Tuff Skin work. We are focused on customer satisfaction and are successful in this venture because of our hands on approach to our business. In Huntington Beach, all work is done by Bob & Kevin Quinn, father & son, co-owners. In Covina, all work is done by Manuel Duanes and his nephew Mike Cole also co-owners. We do all of the work so we know each truck is done in the same way with the same attention to every detail. No short cuts are taken in preparation or application. Other “franchise” bedliner companies have opened and closed in our area. This is not a business that you can just turn over to employees who have no vested interest. Sales people come and go in this industry, we won’t use them. Our best sales people are our past customers. When we opened the doors in 2003, we never expected to spray more than one truck per customer. We are now spraying the 4th truck for some of our first customers and they have referred us to many of their friends. We look forward to helping you to protect your investment.